Painting Into the Wild


Painting into the Wild© Tune In and Turn On to Unleashing your Creative Fires through Embody Movement and Painting as a Living Ceremony!

*Have you always wanted to paint and feel stuck and don’t know where to start?

*Are you an anxious person looking to find a painting practice that will allow new ways to settle in?

*Are you a seasoned painter and want to free up and unleash your wild side? *Are you ready to take more creative risks and try these embodied ancient and insightful practices?

*Do you feel closed and tight that even the word play or paint even prayer scares you?

*Do you desire living a more Creative Embodied Life?

A deeper Dive Learning Movement embodiment practices that keep you painting for hours! Dip, lather gesso onto the Raw Canvas! Stand in front of the Mystery, Listen to the Unfolding Words and Unravel your hidden Prayer giving life to the Canvas! Allow yourself to splash some Paint and then be still to discover and uncover the hidden gems inside your Painting!
See, Listen and Move from a different Purrspective! Give yourself Permission to unravel your Wild Nature and Give Life to More Embodied Movement by Coloring your Canvas!
This is a great Meditation Practice!

Allow yourself to be the witness and be witnessed, to give more life and love to the canvas and Dance giving more life to the unspoken unseen and unheard! These Dancing and Painted Wheel, Sound/Movement Intergration teachings, unlock insight and memory so u can settle back to loving trusting and nurturing the Innoscence of your Creative spirit! A safe and experienced container is held for the unfolding, discovery and recovery of unleashing the painter in you! Stay connected and become inspired!

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Painting into the Wild© Urban Art Retreat

Jan. 16-17 2016 11am-6pm


*all teachings supplies, space, snacks and Tea will be provided.

To Register and RSVP:
contact Tara

*only 4 spaces available*

You will walk away with not only tools to continue to embrace and nurture your creative spirit, and self care during painting, but you will walk away with a beautiful Painting that expresses the light of who you are!

A Beautiful Ceremonial Intergration into the New Year!

*Music by L.Lobos and other guest musician T.B.A

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✨Feb 12-13th✨


The Painted Shawls Retreat for Women

Have you Ever wanted to Learn the Ins and outs of Silk Painting?

I will be hosting a Painted Shawls 2 day local non residential

Painting and Movement Retreat.

A Beautiful Dance on her WIld Side! A deep intergration of Council, Embodied Movement, Raw Silk, Wet brushes and Resist paint to form shapes that best represent you. We will adorn our Wings with Beauty. These painted shawls will be a gift to yourself and a great learning opportunity to help Inspire your Creativity.

Once upon a time before Social Media, I was a silk painter for years before I transfered over to Canvas in the Raw I love the freedom of wet brushes traveling across the raw soft silk. To add the Resist creates forms that come from your untold story of your heART! It’s your own unique design and color that’s just for you!

To Dance is to reAwaken the Beauty that is in Form! Adorn Yourself!

Cost of Retreat: 333.oo

Teas Snacks Materials and Teachings included.

<<<<<<<<<>> Deeper Communions and Private Coaching available<<<<<<>>>>>>

<<<<>>>>>>>> 4-6 hr private or Group in studio and Nature
Sessions Available