Following the Turquoise Trail ART SHOW Coming Sept 5 Berkeley

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10329320_10152047911146820_6516973877077272611_nSometimes being extreme like fasting for 3 days as a living ceremony for your life, may turn the viewer away or closer to the light. This series of paintings have been danced into creation over the past 3 years. Swimming up the stream in the Art and Music Scene in the San Francisco Bay Area, calls to question if the work I do is actually Visionary. Some say yes of course, absolutely after one see’s the evolution of the canvas that has been danced upon. Tara showed ORANGE RAIN ON THE TURQUOISE TRAIL with the Visionary Art Foundation at Madrone studios SF with other visionary artists. Tara’s work is standing out as she pushes the edge of expression through using the modalities of Dancing, Sound, Writing and Painting across the canvas creating a unique collaboration of various artists including Lila Rose, Eden Davis, Ben Benavides, Tyler Nilson, Brian Elder, Joseph Rynd, Ernesto Elmos, Akasha Silverhawk, Kaia Ra and Dane Wolf. Tara’s large scale canvas’s draw the viewer into a 3D cross cultural experience, creating a Story that tells itself with a dancing brush. Tara recently had a solo show at CLOUD9, a beautiful evening collaborating with AMADORA music at the WINGED WOMEN event. Tara’s work was also shown as a solo show at GOOGLE headquarters, as well as performed a live painting. Coming soon you can catch Tara at INNERSTELLAR yoga and Pilates studio in Berkeley Sept 5 7:30 Artist opening.