I want to take a moment to share about what an incredible body worker and healer Tara Shorey is. Her compassionate, grounded presence helped open up the space for me to experience deep healing transformation both on and off the massage table. She is gifted with sensitive, intuitive hands and has such a masterful way of listening and following the body’s needs that I was transported into a blissful state with her nurturing, safe touch. I felt the blocked energy I was holding begin to shift and move and appreciated how the entire experience was gentle, yet deep, pleasurable and so beneficial. I had a remarkable shift both physically and in my emotional state after my session with Tara. She not only possesses the gift of healing touch, but the heart of a wise woman and is a loving guide back to balance and wellness.

Sarah Eden Davis
Musician Visionary

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Tara and found the experience both deep and transformative. She literally got me to change the way I look at the world during our session, which unlocked some profound insights. The experience was both memorable and powerful. I would recommend Tara to anyone who needs a breakthrough, whether creative, personal, or both.”

– Steven L

Thank you so much for hosting a private creative workshop for my daughter, Genevieve, and me. It is hard to put into words the heartfelt emotions and warmth I feel when I look at the art we created together. My creation hangs proudly in my daughter’s bedroom and and her creation hangs in my office. Both are reminders to the closeness we felt that day in the beautiful surroundings of your studio and in your compassionate presence. Your guidance was impeccable and your insight help us both to create something special from the heart. I believe we have a constant reminder of the love we have for each other for the rest of our lives. Thank you again and the very best wishes to you.”

– DD

“More than the specifics of her art; what stays etched with me regarding Ms. Tara Shorey, is the amazing human spirit she embodies. I have seen her bring compassion into her artistry, as well as into her human interactions. She exemplifies commitment to quality in her art and within her relationships. The translation of the fine woman she is becomes even more obvious over time and distance – again, as her art speaks to – she is a woman of heART. Her work within the Institute of Indigenous Arts , as student, apprentice, and now, as Teacher – conveys a since of beauty and originality that is a model for new students and an inspiration to her colleagues.”

– Sahn Nicole Hill/Senior Designer IIA/SMI,int.

“Tara’s performance beckons the coalescence of every intention offered from all who witness, teaching us with her movement through sound and color to actively participate in our own healing. The synthesis of these offerings is a unique blessing, never to be danced again in the same fashion, yet never dying in our hearts. Thank you.”

– Seth Lockwood

“Working with Tara Shorey was an absolute adventure for my inner artist. I came to Tara because I was well aware of my inner judge blocking any artistic endeavor I might consider. I deeply appreciate how creative and intuitive Tara was in guiding my experience. She moved organically with me, gently challenging me to stretch out of my box using music, movement, voice and whole brain exercises along with my favorite exercise “shattering the clay pots of inner judgments”That was awesome and very revealing!

What I value most about Tara, and this is my litmus test for working with a mentor, is that she has done and continues to do her own inner work. She walks her talk and her capacity for guiding you intuitively to your next breakthrough comes from this place.
I say Go for it!”

– K.D.

“I have known Tara Shorey for almost 5 years. Tara is a massage therapist who is highly regarded because of her impeccable work ethic, expertise along with a caring attitude.

I have used her services often, sometimes weekly, particularly when I am having back or hip pain and when my work schedule allows. If it is not because of my work schedule, I will religiously have a massage by Tara weekly, no doubt about it.

In terms of her skills, I have had massages by several other therapists and Tara is the best. She has this uncanny ability to find the source of the problem (for me it could be a muscle between my shoulder blades, or farther down in my back) and she works on it until the muscle becomes supple. I feel the benefit almost immediately, although the full benefit is appreciated 24 hrs after when I can do things that I could not do before the massage.

Finally, Tara is compassionate and highly professional. She also tries to be flexible as much as possible to accommodate clients with difficult schedules. She is the best!”

– Carlos O. Esquivel, M.D., Ph.D.