Tara Shorey grew up on the Coast of Maine where she learned to fish through all four seasons. Her deep understanding and relationship to Nature has been the source and Inspiration that she draws upon for her paintings, photography and designs.

Being a creative intuitive counselor, massage therapist and artist, Tara is able to connect with people on deep soulful levels. Tara was led to train as a massage therapist at age 22. For 20 years she has developed a successful practice called Sculpting Bodies to Wellness. Her healing arts practice has let her down a path supporting her work with Doctors, Lawyers, Business Professionals, Artists, Famous Musicians and Athletes, Children, Teens and Elderly as well as Supporting many Women through their Pregnancy.

Doing Bodywork led her to the moving body and exploring the interwoven connections of Dance, Song, Art and Spirit. Her fervent desire to immerse herself in these modalities motivated her to leave the East Coast for California in early 2000. Tara studied Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms dance method at the Moving Center School in Mill Valley while simultaneously being enrolled in an interdisciplinary 5 yr Fine Arts Program at the College of Marin. Eager to refine and deepen her experience she began an apprenticeship with an internationally known painter, (Paramount Pictures) who helped her to find new techniques and to embrace abstract art as well as encouraged her to stay in her creative innoscense.
Her work with Sound-Movement Integration in at The Institute for Indigenous Arts provided a homecoming for Tara who became one of their teaching staff in 2008. Tara found outlets for her spirituality, art, movement/sound intergration and finding new ways of combining them, such as collaborative cross-genre approach to creating contemporary Live Painting Art and Music performances.
Tara’s work was featured in Conscious Dancer magazine in the Fall of 2009. And Common Ground Magazine in 2017 Some of her collaborations have taken place at Grace Cathedral Church, The Temple San Francisco, Isis Oasis in Northern CA, Visionary Art show Black Rock City, San Francisco
One man show at Google Headquarters Mt.View California,
PAHO’s Project: Dance Performances with Institute of Indigenous Arts Marin County and Maui, Solo Show Innerstellar Yoga and Pilates in Berkeley Ca
Tara’s work is featured in both private homes and corporate offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York

Tara has her own greeting card line called Love Birds and Illustrator for LOVE LINES Coloring Book and soon to be published book Lucy and the Magic Dream Garden.

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For Tara, art is everywhere. Walk with her and she’ll ail, Interstella Yoga and Wellness Gallery, Berkeley, CA
2014 — Solo Exhibit: Painted Prayers 3D Live Painting Ceremonial Performance, Cloud9 Gallery, Berkeley, CA
2014 — Featured Artist & Dancer, Winged Woman Collaboration, Amadora Music, Berkeley, CA
2013 — Greeting card line: “LOVEBIRDS”
2012 — Performance at Institute of Indigenous Arts, Maui, HI
2012 — Set Designer/Painter & Dancer for music video, LilaRose HeartMachine, Berkeley, CA
2012 — Dancer and Singer, Seven7Sisters Production, Arizona
2012 — Exhibitor, Visionary Art Foundation Group Show, Madrone Studios, San Francisco, CA
2011 — Solo Exhibit & 3D Live Painting Performance,  EVOLution GOOGLE Art  Gallery, Mountain View, CA
2010 — 3D Live Painting Performance Collaboration, Evolve Culture
2010 — Goddess Within 3D live Painting Performance, WestCoast Art Music Collaboration, Geyserville, CA
2009 — Featured Visionary Artist, SacredSpaces, Burning Man, NV
2009 — heARTistryinMOTION Studios featured in Conscious Dancer Magazine
2009 — Isis Unveiled 3D-Live Painting Performance, Geyserville, CA
2009 — Solo Exhibit WinterGarden and 3D-Live Painting Performance Battling the Artistic Critic, Fairfax, CA
2008 — Pahos Project, Institute of Indigenous Arts, Marin, CA; Maui HI; New Zealand
2008 — 13 Singing Moons, Institute of Indigenous Arts, Marin CA; Santa Fe, NM; Maui, HI