Dancing Across the Canvas

Live Painting Performances

These 3-Dimensional Live Painting Art Performances involve a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural creative collaboration combining dance, talented musicians, and painting on canvas. Each performance is a unique choreography pushing the edge of expression and painting on canvas as well as inspiring the audience.  Creating elemental mandalas in a style of Contemporary Abstractions, Tara grounds her inspiration on large scale canvases.   See some example of Live Paintings in Her Gallery.


As she catalyzes and invokes the creative spirit through her tapestry of dancing her canvas, live music and throwing paint, the audience can feel the canvas becoming alive. Often times, viewers receive insight from what is being expressed. The choreography is happening in the present moment, pushing the edge of art and expression. The Intention is always set in the beginning; listening, following intuition, embracing the rhythms of sound. Each painting is created in the moment and comes to life.

“How does the artist get from the beginning to the end of a painting?” a client asked me. I responded, “I’ll show you.” I received a commision to paint a series called Dancing through the Elemental Changes. (now at 100 Larkspur Landing in Larkspur. California) Through my love of sound, movement and painting as daily practices, I was inspired to braid together these modalities. To step out of my studio, to  create and collaborate Live Painting Performances in front of audiences, I am able to push through my fears of being seen and of expressing the unseen, and to inspire the same courage in others this is how heARTistry in MOTION~awaken the creative spirit through art and movement was birthed.  Tara’s work has been featured in Conscious Dancer Magazine.

Specific Venues


Live Painting: Surrender to the Light of Evolution, Temple SF 2009

View Additional Live Paintings

  • Dancing Across the Canvas
    Live Painting Ceremonial Performance
    Solo Art Show Innerstella Yoga Studio

    Berkeley, CA – October 2014
    Dancers: Akasha Silverhawk, Caroline Seckinger
    RoundDrum Singer: Benjamin Benavides
  • Painted Prayers:
    Solo show at Cloud 9

    Berkeley, CA – April 2014
    Kaia Ra- Opening Prayer
    Dancers: Tyler Nilson, Daneja GoldenWolf
    Singers: Brian Elder, Daneja
    Round Drum: Benjamin Benavides
  • rEVOLution Solo Show at Google
    Mountain View, CA – Nov 2011
    Didge: Jonah Kai
    Native Drum/singer: Benjamin Benevides
    Singer: Sarah Eden Davis
    Dancers: Tyler Nilson, Joseph Rynd
  • The Battle of the Artistic Critic
    Isis Oasis, Geyserville, CA – November 2009
    Digeridoo: Astarius
    Dancers: Chryseph Fawcett, Tyler Nilson
  • Magdalines Song
    Isis Oasis, Geyserville, CA – October 2009
    Digeridoo: Vlad Cardema
  • Dancing Through the Fires
    Burning Man – Sacred Spaces Village – Aug 2009
  • The Battle of the Artistic Critic
    The Temple SF – April 2009
    Native Singer: Ben Benavides
    Dancers: Chryseph Fawcett, Tyler Nilson
  • Rejuvination Festival Opening
    May 2009
    Native Elders
    Drums: Tyler Nilson
  • Winter Garden Cross Cultural Collaboration 
    January 2008
    Native Flute: Ernesto Elmo
    Native Singer: Ben Benavides
    Vocals: Sarah Eden & Sahn Ashena
    Dancers: Joseph Rynd & Tyler Nilson
    DJ: Ron Toffenelli